I have heard it said that there are at least 800,000 Britons leaving in Spain. The official figure is slightly lower....285,000. So why is there such a difference between the “real figures” and those “not official figures which are said to be closer to reality”? Well, a lot of people like to “disappear” in Spain, in other words they are not listed anywhere. Now some may take delight in the fact that they are not on the official radar but all this could end in tears when Britain leaves the European Union. It is said and widely believed that those Britons who have their paperwork in order have little or nothing to fear. But what about those who are off the radar? Their status could be rather complicated and in fact after Brexit they could be treated as illegal aliens. Both the British government and local authorities are urging British citizens to get their paperwork in order. This is not just a stunt so that the tax authorities can get an insight into who is living where, this is because there is some concern about the status of those not living legally in Spain after Brexit. If the so-called unofficial figures are to be believed then at least 500,000 Britons fall into this category. Brexit is going to make “disappearing in Spain” far more difficult. Everyone will need to have their paperwork in order. Over the last few years there has been a gradual reduction in the number of Britons living in Spain. We have even seen it here on Majorca. Those who elect to stay must have their house in order.