I have made my views on Brexit very clear in this space on numerous occasions but to be very honest I do not like scaremongering. This is what the British government is doing at the moment as it pushes to get a deal with the European Union despite big splits in the Conservative Party over the so-called Chequers agreement. The latest "scare story" from "Project Fear" is that British driving licences may not be valid in the European Union if there is no deal.

What worries me about this sentence are the words "may not be valid", so the government doesn't really know so it is all speculation. It is like getting up in the morning and saying today might rain - or not.

I understand that these are difficult times in Britain and that Brexit is a big issue but the British public deserve better. They should be told the facts; and the facts I am afraid to say are that no one really knows what is going to happen after Brexit until the deal is actually signed or not.

Last week it was reported that British pensioners could have problems drawing their pension because of problems with the banking system if there is no deal. This week we are told that Britons may have to take out an international driving licence. What next week? That British TV licences may not be valid in Europe (even though no one has one but we all still watch British TV).

Project fear looks like a Putin-style disinformation campaign and we shouldn't buy into it. Keep calm and carry on is the best policy at the moment.