I listened to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's speech to his party last week with interest and it got me thinking that the gulf between Labour and the Conservatives is enormous on Brexit. Corbyn was quick to say that his party would not be supporting the so-called "Chequers deal" which is being promoted by Theresa May. Leaving the European Union is one of the biggest shifts in British politics and economics in a lifetime so really there should be an accord involving all parties or at least the two big ones. Why can't Conservatives and Labour try and come together, for the common good, strike a deal and then take it to Brussels? How different can the policies of the two main parties be regarding Brexit when they both agree that Britain should honour the referendum result and leave?

At the moment I would say that Britain is at a watershed with May looking increasingly isolated with no real progress in the Brexit talks and a no-deal exit a distinct possibility. If Britain does not secure a deal it will having a lasting impact on the British economy. Thousands of jobs could be lost. But as usual politicians are divided on the best route to take. If Britain has some form of political union it would be far easier to negotiate with Brussels. Unless action is taken soon and British politicians start talking to each other I believe that Britain could suffer. Forget a Chequers deal, what about a Conservative/Labour deal on Brexit for the good of the country?