Usually at the World Travel Market fair in London the local government gives an insight into the state of holiday bookings to the islands for the forthcoming season. Strangely, this year this information was "unavailable". The only information which was available was the 50 per cent growth in winter tourism, but even this good news was greeted with scepticism from some hoteliers. "Yes, we've attracted one more winter tourist," joked one hotelier. The minister for tourism, Bel Busquets, forecast a similar season to the one which the islands had enjoyed in 2018, which saw a drop in British tourism. But she wouldn't be drawn on the state of the market. Why?

Well because there is concern about Turkey and the resorts in north Africa. In fact, I am told that a holiday to Turkey costs 50 per cent less than one to Majorca. Also, remember that the local elections are just a few months away and it wouldn't look good if a big drop in British tourism was being forecast.

I sincerely doubt that British tourism will fall and I agree with the minister - a similar season to 2018. But the Balearics must be careful. Times are hard and tourists want value for money. I think the Balearics should be concerned about the British market. At the World Travel Market there were plenty of comments about Brexit and how it will affect the industry but at the same time the World Travel Market was full of stands of countries which want British tourism.