The Balearics face a giant task. Looking around the World Travel Market tourism fair in London this week you see that most of the countries on this planet are represented and want a share of the British tourist market. Sometimes you get the impression here that British tourists are not wanted; all those who think that should take a stroll around the World Travel Market in Excel in London. The whole world wants British tourists.

A certain degree of complacency has crept into the local tourism industry. This is quite normal. After so many years of record tourism seasons there is a feeling shared by a few within the industry that the islands don’t need to do much to attract tourists. This is not the case, especially at the moment, with the islands facing competition from across the globe. Tourists will always come to the Balearics because after all we have everything, but other destinations are catching up fast.

If the islands are to fight off competition, then the Balearics should be putting their best foot forward at all times. Price is obviously key. Those who claim that there are too many tourists coming to the Balearics should take a stroll around the World Travel Market and see for themselves how competitive the industry is. Turkey is taking tourists away from the islands because it is cheaper and there is no way to compete on price. It is important, therefore, that the islands offer value for money and all tourists are given a warm welcome.