It has taken time and effort but winter tourism to Majorca appears to be happening. Granted that it is on a small scale but low season tourism is growing and there are more flights. British Airways this week announced a new route from Gatwick and Jet2 will be operating to the island 12 months a year starting next winter. There are even some hotels open in the resorts. Now, I have criticised the local ministry for tourism on numerous occasions but credit where credit is due; they have worked long and hard on winter tourism and they have been successful. This winter the number of winter visitors has risen and the trend will continue with more flights. While some of the resorts may look like ghost towns Palma is buzzing with plenty of new hotels with relatively low rates to attract bookers. Also, the city looks great during the festive season. For many years we have been campaigning for more winter flights because this island probably has more to offer in the low season than in the high season, especially if you like good food, beautiful countryside and some first rate shopping. The local ministry for tourism has been promoting winter tourism to Majorca at all the major international tourism fairs and it appears to be working. A decade ago tourists would come from northern Europe to spend Christmas here....we could see this happening once again. The weather may not be as a warm as during the summer but the welcome is even warmer because Majorca is great in winter.