So what next? Is Brexit dead, alive, in intensive care or very healthy? We don't know. And this has been the problem since Britain elected to leave the European Union two years ago. The big questions are still unanswered. For British citizens abroad the most pressing question is - what will be our status when Britain leaves the European Union if it ever does? I did think that basically we would have the same rights as we enjoy now but then there is the visa bombshell; if British citizens want to travel to the European Union they will have to get a visa which costs seven euros. Well, that is the theory! It is so difficult to judge what will be the outcome of the Brexit bombshell.

Tony Blair believes that there will be a second referendum, certain sections of the Conservative Party believe that we are heading for a no-deal exit. Theresa May believes that she has got the right deal. If a second referendum does take place what will be the question: "After two years of nightmare negotiations do you still believe that Britain should leave the European Union?" Support for Britain to stay has been slowly rising over recent months. In fact, there is concern in some quarters that if Britain has a second referendum a majority would want to stay, which would mean that the last two years have been a complete waste of time.

What we must do is end the uncertainty before the British economy and the value of sterling is even more weakened. As one expat told me this week: "Our great country has become a laughing stock." And unfortunately he is not wrong.