Well, they said it could never happen, but slowly big companies are starting to move out from Britain because of the fears over Brexit. Probably, the biggest blow has to be Dyson, the household appliance producer.

Now, I have always been a big fan of this company not least because the founder, James, comes from my home town. But the engineering giant is moving its headquarter from Britain to Singapore, even though James Dyson, was a big supporter of the Leave campaign. I have read that the move is not connected to Brexit, but I sincerely doubt it, and it is a blow for Britain as it struggles to ease the fears over Brexit.

A host of other companies, which have important bases in Britain, have also said that they will be leaving. So yes the rosy picture which was painted during the referendum campaign is not really the case at all. Airbus, the aviation giant also rounded on the government this week, slamming the Brexit mess. The British economy is being damaged and jobs will be lost until a deal is struck soon and even if there is a Brexit deal I can still see the economy hurting.

I think if the real facts had been laid out during the referendum the result would have been different. But I do not blame voters on either side; I blame the politicians for failing to get their message across and inform the British public of the dangers ahead. These same politicians continue to make a mess of the whole sad episode, which is Brexit.