The local tourism industry is deeply concerned, and it is a problem which is so serious that it could have a direct impact on the local economy. Latest forecasts show that the number of German tourists coming to the island this year could fall by 10 per cent; we are talking about 400,000 tourists. The predicted big drop has been blamed on Turkey and other resorts in north Africa. The German market has been key for Majorca over the last decade. It has gradually grown and now almost doubles the British market. But times are hard and it seems that some Germans are finding the island too expensive and have elected to go elsewhere. Majorca is heavily reliant on German tourism and big local hotel chains are said to be preparing so-called war chests so that they can mount promotion campaigns in Germany if the market fails badly. And then of course there is the British market which has been hit by concerns over Brexit.

So really the Balearic tourist industry is not in a good place at the moment. All this at a time when the islands are preparing for the May local elections, at which tourism will be a key issue. One hotelier told me this week that the good times are over and everyone should be worried. Time to scrap the tourist tax? No, but perhaps the Balearic government could consider a reduction in the rate. Should the Balearic ministry for tourism spend its limited promotion cash on campaigns? Well yes, because otherwise times could be very hard.