It takes courage to abandon your political party and become an independent; it takes even greater courage when your new colleagues are former political foes. The fact that twelve members of parliament have left the Conservative and Labour parties shows that politics in Britain is under strain; Brexit appears to be breaking the system.

As usual in British politics it is a question of winner takes all. Eighteen million people voted for Brexit and Brexit is what we are going to get; the thoughts and opinions of the 16 million people who voted to remain are not taken into account. Neither Labour or the Conservatives appear to be ready to take a stand. Should the result of the referendum stand even though it may not be in the national interest and could dent the British economy and cost thousands of jobs? No one is openly saying this but I suspect that many are saying it in private.

Theresa May should have sought all-party support for her Brexit plan; it was not just a matter for the Conservative Party. Surely, the views of those who thought that it was not a good idea for Britain to abandon the European Union, should be taken into account Brexit is just a big mess; the British public have been failed by their politicians. They seem incapable of delivering Brexit or having the courage to fight against it. A dozen MPs have said it; enough is enough. Their courage deserves praise; they have put the national interest above party politics.