Britain looks set to take part in the European parliamentary elections next month even though it is allegedly leaving the European Union. Most people believe that the British government will not have sealed a Brexit deal by the end of next month so Britain will have to take part in the European Union wide poll.

It would be rather nice, though, if politicians from Britain who do not believe in the European Union refrain from standing as candidates. Don’t you think it is rather silly that politicians who are bitterly opposed to the European Union then go on and take up their seat in the European parliament. It is like Turkeys voting for Christnas. Brexit party leader Nigel Farage has already said that he will be standing “but with a heavy heart.” If he is so upset then he has a simple choice, don’t stand; stay away and snipe at the European Union from the sidelines.

There is not much point Farage making an anti-European Union speech in the European parliament to an audience of politicians who believe in the European Union. Farage had this moment after the referendum and perhaps he could still have his day but in London and not Brussels. I sincerely hope that Britain leaves the European Union in a dignified and correct manner.

As one BBC commentator said yesterday, a few weeks ago most European countries wanted Britain to stay now they just want Britain to leave with a deal so that Brexit can be quietly forgotten once and for all.