Political parties on the left of politics in Britain and in Spain have always been worried about expats voting because the perception is that they vote for the parties on the right. This theory or allegation rings true when you see the viewing figures of our videos, with the main political parties which have been appearing on our website ahead of the local elections this weekend. The most viewed video was the one from the Partido Popular, a ring-wing party which has always attracted the lion's share of votes from expats. In second place is Vox followed by Ciudadanos, both on the right of Spanish politics. In fourth place is the Spanish Socialist Party followed by Mes, the left-wing Majorcan nationalists and then Podemos, on the left of politics.

The video-view results are not in tune with opinion poll forecasts, which point to a victory by parties on the left in the Balearics with the Spanish Socialist Party a clear winner with the Partido Popular a distant second. The opinion polls place Vox, in fifth or sixth position, but in our video-views it is in second place. For many years the Partido Popular has worked long and hard to try and secure the expat vote especially in areas such as Calvia. The so-called foreign vote helped give the Partido Popular an overall majority in previous elections and there are some who say that the fact that there was a poor turnout by expats in the last local elections four years ago helped give the Spanish Socialist Party victory.