Rather ironic really, Donald Trump comes to Britain to mark the D-Day invasion which freed Europe but at the same time praises those in Britain who want to pull out of Europe and pull down the shutters. I don't think Donald Trump's take on Brexit will help anyone and really he shouldn't get involved in what is a very British debate. I am pleased that both former foreign secretary Boris Johnson and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage are his friends, but at the same time he shouldn't plan to meet them because it would be a question of very bad manners and a slap in the face for Theresa May, who was once his friend as well.

I don't think Trump has proved to be a good friend to Britain. He has said that he thinks Brexit is a good idea but at the same time hasn't spoken much of the trade deal which would be vital for Britain to survive post-Brexit. It could be argued that he has meddled in British affairs and has made some rather nasty comments about Britain being "a hotbed for terrorists" and some parts of Britain being a "no-go area".

I do not really approve of Trump being given the red carpet treatment because he will say something which will be controversial and which will cause the government some embarrassment. There is a special relationship when Britain and the US which was partly built during D-Day. Unfortunately this special relationship doesn't include Donald Trump.