Boris Johnson promises much...but he must deliver because otherwise his honeymoon period will last for very little time. Much of his campaign has been centred on Brexit but there are plenty of issues which need his attention almost at once. The first is the crisis with Iran and the seizure of the British tanker.

Johnson must decide whether to support the hardline on Iran from U.S. President Donald Trump or follow the more “softly, softly” approach from European allies. Secondly, he is going to have to convince much of Britain that he is the right man for the job. And then of course there is Brexit. I sincerely doubt that Johnson is prepared to leave the European Union without a deal, it would be madness. But that is just my opinion and the “No deal scenario” could be an important bargaining chip with the European Union.

No one knows for sure whether Johnson is prepared to let Britain crash out of the EU, a move which would send shockwaves through the European Union, so perhaps Johnson is in a better position than his predecesssor, Theresa May.

As I have made very clear in this space, I am no fan of Johnson and I sincerely hope that he surrounds himself with people of the calibre which the job demands. He may want to energise Britain but running London is not running Britain. There are some capable people within the Conservative Party but Johnson shouldn´t just pack his cabinet with people who follow his views.