I don't think the British government should even consider the possibility of a no-deal Brexit and to be blunt, it is their duty to ensure that Britain gets a deal so that it will be able to leave the European Union is an orderly fashion. I do not know what the status of British citizens will be in Spain in the case of a no-deal, I suspect that little or nothing will change, but obviously I am concerned. It is all very nice for the new British government of Boris Johnson to try and revive the “spirit of the blitz” but a no-deal Brexit should never be compared to the sacrifices the people of Britain had to make in 1940.

The British people voted for Brexit but I suspect that the majority wanted Britain to leave with a deal, not a messy divorce which could mean that there are food shortages and long queues at the border, because this is what Britain will face. After three years it would be nice to see light at the end of the Brexit tunnel. There is no sign of this light at the moment so the uncertainty will continue. What the Boris Johnson administration must realise is that it is all very well making Churchillian style speeches in Britain but they should be making these speeches in Brussels because without the co-operation of the European Union, then Britain has a big problem.

No-deal should not be an alternative. Britain must get a deal and soon otherwise the British economy will suffer. It is a sad state of affairs at the moment. The country appears to be going nowhere.