As Boris Johnson sprints towards a no deal Brexit, he obviously does not care about Britons living in EU countries.

The United Kingdom has not even left the European Union yet, but millions of Britons are already paying the price of the threat of a no deal Brexit.Since the 2016 EU referendum, the pound has been up and down against the Euro - and recent events have even seen it reach new lows of around just €1.09.

Before the referendum, a pound was worth a much more favourable €1.31 but right now, holidaymakers changing money in the UK are getting less than parity as they head abroad while British pensioners or expatriates living on a fixed income a great deal poorer than they were three years ago and the extremely worrying thing is that, when the UK does finally leave the EU, the pound is expected to crash even further.

But, Boris does not seem to care and if he does manage to pull off his no deal Brexit, which is highly unlikely, he is going to leave millions of expatriates out of pocket and having to live in precarious conditions.

A no deal Brexit will drastically change the lives of Britons in the EU - and not for the better.

Less spending power is going to mean a significant change in lifestyle, not to mention what status expatriates will have.

We have been told that Spain and the UK have a deal on the table, but as Brussels has made quite clear, no unilateral deals can be made until THE deal has been signed off on. So, in the meantime, every time Boris belches out the words "no deal Brexit" the markets catch a cold and the pound remains in ill health.