The whole Brexit leave process, which is allegedly being plotted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, appears to have more twists than a Jeffrey Archer bestseller and fails to take into account that millions of people actually voted against Brexit.

Johnson became Prime Minister via the backdoor and now he appears to want to take Britain out of the EU through skullduggery and through the back door.

It is a fantastic an election so that parliament is not sitting and Britain simply drops out and parliament can do nothing. But Johnson is playing a dangerous game and if he does go for a No Deal Brexit he could find the electorate saying No Deal to him.

The only sensible way forward is to call a general election; Johnson can champion his Brexit credentials and then let the British voters have their say.

What he can´t do is take Britain out because three years ago 18 million people voted to leave thinking that it was just a question of signing a few documents and the National Health Service would be richer to the tune of 300 million pounds.

I think everyone has now realised that leaving the European Union is no easy task and the No Deal scenario is a nightmare.

Sterling has slumped and the British economy is close to recession and Britain hasn´t left yet. It is not a question of talking Britain down, it is a question of sensible non-flagging waving common sense.

Johnson must surely realise that he can´t take Britain out without the backing of parliament.


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Stan / Hace over 2 years

The majority vote was for Britain to leave the EU. Labour have rejected the leaving conditions. Corbyn is desperate to have an Election. He wants to be PM . If Bo-Jo is left with no alternative but to leave with a No Deal, so be it. Labour etc. will never condone any proposition to leave. In fact Labour etc. want to remain in the EU. Totally contradicting the majority of the British People. For me GO BO-JO and leave , do not Cow Tow to the likes of Barnier the Bully. In fact the whole EU Bullies in Brussels should be totally ignored, and Britain needs to leave on the 31 October. Not having anything to do with them will be a tremendous relief for the Majority of the British People.


Richard / Hace over 2 years

I am no fan of Brexit and I hate to add to the MDB’s click-rate but I love Jason’s editorials. Copy-boy grammar and now he has started to put words in bold to cover up his inadequate prose. Really. What a rag, it could almost feature in the Viz of old.


Mr c / Hace over 2 years

Jason,you only think of yourself & the ex pats,what about the people who live in the U.K.?we voted out & that's the people who pay tax in U.K wanted.n


Frank / Hace over 2 years

Biel, 12 months ago one English pound bought 1.11Euro. Today, it will only get you 1.05. And it will go lower. Much lower.


Barbara / Hace over 2 years

Having abandoned the mother ship and obviously forgotten what democracy means it is rich of you to express an opinion on British policitics. We did know what we were voting for and wanted nothing more to do with the EU.


Biel / Hace over 2 years

Jason, the pound today is at the same exchange rate that it was exactly 12 months ago. The U.K. may be on the verge of recession, Germany is actually IN recession. To get another point of view, could I recommend viewing the excellent speech given by a German politician in the EU parliament on YouTube. Thanks


palmabound / Hace over 2 years

Jason the Brexit process is not being plotted it was voted for, and it doesn't matter that there are some who did not want this to happen because the majority did. The reason there is the possibility of a no deal is because the pig headed EU will not be reasonable and they think they can act as God and we all jump, when we don't they throw their toys out of the pram. Johnson would much rather the EU would discuss a deal which suited BOTH of us but that is not the case. We absolutely do not want a general election now we just want to get out of the EU whatever that takes. As for us heading for a recession well this could be but that is because the world is heading for a recession and we are all tied up in that, so its not a Brexit thing.


sanity jones / Hace over 2 years

Boris J is like a terrorist who has taken a bus hostage, driving it towards a cliff edge with insane speed, disabling the brakepedal and steering wheel while doing so.

4 weeks ago he said chances of no deal are a million to 1 against. Now, he says its the most likely outcome. Shows you it was a plot from the beginning, just plain lying. They put the wrecking ball to the uk economy (and the union), 3 years ago already. And only to "save" the tories against Farage.