When local politicians return from their summer break they will certainly be asked why there were fewer tourists on the beach next to them this year. A month ago your average local resident was welcoming the fact that there were fewer tourists but now the penny has dropped. Fewer tourists equal less profit, equal lower salaries equal less economic growth.

There is a school of thought in Majorca which will say that fewer tourists is infact good news.

Those tourists who are visiting will be able to do so in more comfortable surroundings. But at the end of the day local companies will be making less money and the local economy will suffer.

Over the last three years Majorca has enjoyed three very good summer season. This state of affairs was helped in no small part by the security concerns in many holiday destinations in the eastern Mediterranean. These worries have now passed meaning that the islands are now facing a shortfall in visitors.

Granted over the last three years the islands did feel rather overcrowded but overcrowding equals more profit. Now local companies are still making money but probably not enough as they did last year.

Can they live with that? Well ofcourse but at the end of the day less money means less money being spent on the high street. So, the drop in tourism does affect us all. How bad is the drop? No-one is too sure to be honest but we are probably talking about a 10 percent fall in tourism. Not alot I hear you say...Yes, but it is enough and in some cases it could tip the scales better a profit or a loss, so there should be concern.