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Tourism season begins

The Week in Tourism

The Easter oasis and the post-Easter dip

Easter had genuinely come to herald the start of the season.

Andrew Ede22/04/2022 15:43

300,000 hotel beds will be altered.

Majorca tourism

Government criticised for lack of information on new tourism law

The Government says the new law will approved within 3 weeks but CAEB, FEHM, Restoration, Afedeco, Aviba, FEBT and PIMEM do not know its content.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter27/01/2022 09:14

Tourism in Majorca


“We all stand together ...”

The vaccines have been just one element in an unravelling of any pretence of solidarity.

Andrew Ede17/03/2021 13:14

Arrivals hall


New airport arrivals arrangement for Brexit

The modification of thee arrivals hall is one of a series of Brexit contingencies being adopted by the Spanish government to avoid problems when the UK leaves the EU.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter23/10/2019 12:29


Holiday season

“The penny has finally dropped. Fewer tourists equal less profit and could mean fewer jobs...”

Jason Moore19/08/2019 09:54