Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons this week as their popularity took a dive.

The self-confessed eco-warriors used private jets to take them on holiday to the Balearics and Nice causing a storm because a private jet allegedly causes more pollution than your traditional holiday jet.

Elton John, who paid for their jet to Nice, rose to their defence but environmentalists were not impressed. The story was typical of your traditional silly season reports when there is little news and any story involving the royals makes banner headlines.

But it did show us one thing; that the Fleet Street love affair with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is over and Prince Harry is no longer the darling of the tabloids. But I also feel that it has drawn attention to the fact that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex do not have a clearly defined role and their celebrity-lifestyle is always going to be in the headlines unless they are also seen to be doing alot of official engagements too.

I do not really understand why Prince Harry resigned from the British Army. The Army Air Corps is badly in need of trained pilots, especially those with operational experience like the Prince. After all, it took many thousands of pounds to train him to fly the Apache helicopter and it is sad that all this training has now gone to waste.

His father and his uncle, Prince Andrew, both served in the military for many years. His brother, Prince William sensibly stayed out of the private jet limelight when he travelled on a conventional aircraft this week. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle need to realise that they are now in the spotlight for good or bad.