Do you know that I am rather hopeful that the Brexit mess is coming to an end.

Yes honestly, and there is something for both sides. Those who believe that Britain should “leave” by the end of next month have Boris Johnson who appears willing to break the law and not ask Brussels for yet another extension. Leave on October 31.

Then there is the other side led by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn whose party has outlawed the No Deal (well they have tried their best) and who are taking the more relaxed view on Brexit; extension to the deadline, general election and possibly a second referendum.

There are two clear (allegedly) opposing views. The momentum at the moment is with Team Corbyn; thanks to the support of the Scottish and Welsh Nationalists, Liberal Democrats and Conservative rebels he has now taken control of parliament.

There are obviously splits in this coalition, even within the Labour Party, but they have all agreed to agree. The outcome, though, is not so clear.

If Team Boris wins then Britain will leave the European Union by the end of next month, if Team Corbyn wins, it could take months if not years.

The big question is what does Johnson do next? He can´t call an election and it doesn´t appear likely that he can get a deal from Brussels. He could take Britain out without a deal but he could face prison.

At this moment in time he is a lame duck Prime Minister but he is radical, to say the least, and I don´t think anything can be discounted. I would say, though, that the chance of Brexit actually happening have diminished very slightly this week.


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Tom / Hace over 2 years

Seems like a lot of the DB readers are bad losers


Tom / Hace over 2 years

Corbyn and the Labour Party are traitors who are putting party before country. The man has always been anti EU and most probably voted leave. But his thirst for power has got the better of him. But not to worry, his party’s voters, who generally voted leave, will not forget his treachery for quite some time. And if there were to be another referendum and leave won AGAIN, what would YOU suggest we do ? Have another one ?


Richard / Hace over 2 years

He can’t call an election because Labour are afraid of being thrashed, so they have refused to cooperate as any decent party with a decent leader would. Disgusting behaviour on their party. Please spell Johnson correctly. It’s NOT Johson.