I suspect that most people would like to see an end to the Brexit uncertainty with Britain leaving the European Union sooner rather than later. I have made my views on Brexit very clear in this space, indicating that I do not think it is a very good idea, but the wishes of the majority have to be respected so therefore Brexit must go ahead.

The British government have made numerous attempts to secure a deal under very difficult circumstances only to find that their proposal is rejected by Brussels. It effectively cost former Prime Minister Theresa May her job. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has come up with a new deal but it looks as if it will be rejected as well. As a direct result it will probably mean that Britain will leave without a deal which will be bad for everyone. But what can Britain do?

Johnson has made it clear that it is a compromise deal which aims to overcome the problems of the so-called Irish backstop. But Brussels is yet again not impressed. I am no fan of Britain leaving the European Union without a deal but the British government could be left with little or no option.

Johnson is trying to get a deal from Brussels in the same way as Theresa May did...but their proposals are being rejected. For once it is Brussels which needs to show a change of heart; if there is no deal then the European Union economy will be hit hard and Britain will not pay the 50 billion pound divorce settlement. For once the ball is in Brussels´ court.


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Yogi / Hace over 2 years

Totally incorrect statement . The UK Parliament rejected the deal not Brussels, Jason. Have you not been paying attention? Remember too that Britain opted to leave and essentially the onus is on them to deliver a solution, yes with help from Brussels. If Britain refuses to pay it's debts then there will be no trade deal with Europe. Who will suffer most, do you think? It's not rocket science but it is muddied by the dark and dangerous chaos currently infesting British politics.


OSN / Hace over 2 years

It's not true to say that Theresa May's deal was rejected by Brussels. Her deal was negotiated and agreed by Brussels and it was then put to the British parliament which rejected it three times. Johnson's deal is possibly going to be passed by Parliament, but seems likely to be rejected by Brussels. If so, this is the first time they will have done so.


S.O. / Hace over 2 years

“The ball is in Brussels’ court”? No it isn’t. Have you heard BJ’s latest silly proposal? There’s no way the EU will accept that. He’s just playing around with the aim of pointing the finger of blame at Brussels but most people aren’t that gullible. Why not allow another vote now that all the facts are known to see if Leave will win a second time? After all, no facts were known the first time round so it was just a vote in the dark.