The European Union has accused Prime Minister Boris Johnson of messing around over Brexit. I think the same accusation could be levelled at the European Union. It looks as if Johnson wants Britain to crash out without a deal and the European Union wants to fan the flames and get a second referendum which it hopes will reverse the result of the original one. So really both sides are playing games.

Johnson has promised to deliver Brexit by the end of the month and the only way that this will be possible (or so it appears) is if Britain goes out with no deal, because as we know parliament is deeply divided. I think both sides need to face the facts. A no deal Brexit would be a nightmare for both Britain and the European Union and both could tip be tipped into recession.

While I have made my thoughts on Brexit clear I do believe that the European Union is largely responsible for the no deal scenario. Former Prime Minister Theresa May did her best to get a deal but the EU must have realised that she faced a nightmare task getting the deal through parliament.

I also believe that the European Union could have been more vocal about Britain´s role in the European club during the referendum campaign. It does appear at the moment that Britain is heading towards a no deal so we will be entering the unknown. Should we be alarmed? Well in the short-term yes and in the long term, who knows? One thing for sure this whole Brexit mess does appear to be coming to end.