Spain has the reputation of “no pasa nada...” in other words “everything is ok...” This is one of reasons why it is one of the best places to live in the world. But Spain has been shaken by the riots in Catalonia. The topic of conversation in Majorca doesn´t appear to be Rafa Nadal´s wedding or the Real Madrid/Real Mallorca clash, but what is happening across the water in Catalonia.

Overall, there appears to be little or no sympathy for the politicians who were sentenced this week to long jail sentences for their part in the failed independence bid. There is concern in Majorca that the riots could spread because there is some support for the independence cause on the island.

I listened to one elderly couple yesterday morning discussing how the rioters in Barcelona were using large steel bolts to throw at police. They called for the gloves to come off and for the police to be able to move in and deal with the problem. But the police can do little; they can restore order but little elsewhere, the rest is up to the politicians. What is happening in Catalonia will have a negative impact on acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, who has called elections for next month. It could also harden the resolve of many Spaniards who might decide to change their vote to more hardline parties. It is a nightmare scenario.

Sanchez may also need the support of Catalan parties after the election if he is to form a coalition government. So there is plentry at stake. So far the Spanish government has failed to make any headaway at all in Catalonia and it still continues to be the burning issue in Spain.