The Balearics are heading to London in force for the World Travel Market tourism fair and to underline the fact that the British market is key to these islands.

The Balearic government, Council of Majorca, Palma city council and Calvia council are all planning major promotional events in the British capital early next month. The Council of Majorca will be staging a major party in the City of London. Majorcan food and wine will be served and up to 400 people will be attending.

The Balearic government is also planning a major promotional drive across London while the Calvia and Palma councils will be hosting events at the actual fair. The local authorities are concerned that the demise of Thomas Cook and Brexit may dent the popularity of the islands in Britain.

While these events should be welcomed I do not think that the Balearics should be too concerned about the British market. The British, who have been coming on holiday to the Balearics for more than 50 years, have always remained loyal to the islands and I can´t see this trend changing.

I do believe, however, that the local authorities should continue with their excellent work in promoting so-called low season tourism. The number of winter tourists coming to the islands continues to rise but the number of hotels which remain open still remains low. On a more positive note, Jet2, is now flying to Majorca all year round which is excellent news for the local tourist industry.