The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are the first to complain about their treatment from the media. In fact Prince Harry is taking legal action against some of Britain´s best known newspapers. But I do wonder who is advising them. Prince Harry was always the darling of the British tabloid press and to some extent the British public but his popularity seems to be in decline and I can understand why.

The Duke and Duchess have announced that they will be taking a six week break...more holidays than most people get in a year. It is also not known where they will be spending the Christmas period because they will not be with other members of the royal family in Norfolk as guests of Queen Elizabeth. There is speculation that they will be spending Christmas in the U.S. with Meghan Markle´s family.

I do hope that this will allow the royal couple some time to ponder their relationship with the media because a fresh start is obviously needed. Prince Harry must understand that he needs the media as much as the media needs him, especially if he wants to win back some of the support he once enjoyed.

Meghan Markle knew that the British media wasn´t easy and her life will always be in the spotlight but that is what happens when you marry a British Prince. The Duke and Duchess are a wonderful couple who are great ambassadors for the royal family but they need to get back on track.

There is too much controversy between the couple and the media and it could end in tears.