The Majorcan Chamber of Commerce have established a special information service for their members to keep them updated on Brexit.This rather struck me because it underlines just how complex Brexit is and how much is at stake.

Majorca doesn´t have much industry apart from tourism but it will be affected by Britain´s pullout from the European Union. Potato farmers in Sa Pobla are seriously concerned because a sizeable part of their crop goes to Britain. They would be hard hit in the case of a no-deal Brexit which could see tariffs introduced on imports from the European Union.

I think if anyone thought that Brexit would be a simple affair, then they were deeply mistaken. Even industrial companies in Majorca are concerned. The fact that the European Union also considers that Spain could lose one million British tourists in the case of a no-deal will have got alarm bells ringing across the country.

All I hope is that when Britain does finally pull out of the European Union it will be done in a well-balanced and orderly manner because there is so much at stake, from the livelihood of Sa Pobla potato farmers to the tourist industry. Any fall in the number of British tourists to the island will have a negative impact on the local economy. I think Britain and Europe need to work together to make the whole process as painless as possible for all involved. Full marks to the Chamber of Commerce for preparing companies for what could be in store for them.