Is there is a possibility that Boris Johnson could suffer the same fate as his predecessor Theresa May?

A new opinion poll states that Johnson may not secure an overall majority which would be a disaster for both him and the Conservative Party. May was ahead in the polls, called a general election to secure a bigger majority, but ended losing her majority and finding herself unable to push forward Brexit legislation.

Now, the polls have been wrong before and some even point to Johnson winning an overall majority but there is concern within the Conservative Party. Personally speaking I would say that Johnson is in the same boat as May. When she started campaigning she was relatively unknown but appeared to be a person who would get the job done. The more the electorate saw of May the less popular she became and this led to her election defeat, she won but without a majority. Johnson has not been that convincing on the election campaign trial. He appears to be the master of the one-liners but there isn´t much substance in his argument. Get Brexit done, appears to be his only message.

Meanwhile, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has concentrated his efforts on more pressing domestic issues such as the National Health Service and Education. Corbyn has done well in the debates and over the last seven days you have got the impression that Corbyn rather than Johnson had found new impetus. The polls could be wrong but Johnson faces a nervous 48 hours.


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Richard / Hace over 2 years

Kenione, presume you are replying from the U.K. . Unfortunately, Mr Moore doesn’t seem to very sure about the situation in Spain either.


Robert Taylor / Hace over 2 years

Mr Little, the other two countries that may contemplate leaving the U.K. ( NI wouldn’t dream of leaving ) would do so at their own risk, not England’s. I say give them the chance and then see what happens. If they don’t succeed then their next chance should be in at least 30 years time and not when things are bad ( Scotland has Europe’s largest deficit ) to take the voters mind of them. Personally, I think they would be jumping out of the saucepan into the fire, but if they want to get burnt ( €, borders and Brussels etc ) so be it. The only person I would feel sorry for would be Her Majesty.


kenione / Hace over 2 years

100% wrong again Jason!! Perhaps you should stop commenting on UK events, as you're so out of touch with the way things are here.


sid / Hace over 2 years

You got that wrong


John Little / Hace over 2 years

Hindsight means making a comment extremely easy but your headline is correct Jason, in a way many were not expecting. The prime minister has just given his first valedictory speech and plenty about English constituencies , not a word about anywhere outside England. Already this morning I have heard the words “ a united country ” from various sources many times but look at the breakdown across the four countries of the UK. England – tory heartland with a thumping majority. Scotland – down to six seats out of 59. We all know what’s coming from Nicola Sturgeon. Wales - Labour lose six seats but remain the principal political party of the country. Nth Ireland - Unionism is now a minor player in NI politics. So Boris Johnson has a thumping majority, can do pretty much as he wants in parliament, and is going to have serious problems going forward to hold the four countries of the United Kingdom together.