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Brexit and the European Union


Time to vote again

“All those who are responsible for Brexit should be made to eat their words in public...”

Jason Moore30/06/2023 09:36

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson visits India


Comment: Go Boris

“Boris Johnson will have to quit sooner rather than later...”

Jason Moore22/04/2022 10:04

An Extinction Rebellion activist dressed as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson protests outside the Science Museum in London


Comment: Boris’s Easter bunny

Boris Johnon’s Easter eggs appears to have splatered all over his face.

Humphrey Carter14/04/2022 09:00

Polls | 17/12/2021 11:46
Local elections in Britain

Local elections in Britain

Local elections in Britain.

LEE SMITH 09/05/2021

Jeremy Corbyn


Viewpoint: Labour woes

Britain needs a strong Labour party and one which can form a government....”

Jason Moore08/05/2021 11:08

Britain's general election 2019


Reality check for Johnson's Brexit it's just the beginning

Johnson should now be able to secure parliamentary approval for the withdrawal deal he struck with the European Union in October so that Brexit happens on Jan. 31.

Reuters13/12/2019 09:48



“There is a strong possibility that the elections in Spain and Britain could end in stalemate.”

Jason Moore18/11/2019 09:58