I was upbeat yesterday. Not because I am a fan of Boris Johnson or Brexit, quite the reverse, but because there does appear to be light at the end of the tunnel. If Johnson can get Brexit done then we can all get on with our lives and move forward after three nightmare years of uncertainty.

Now, what lies ahead after Brexit could see Britain go into economic meltdown but at least everyone knows where we stand. The challenges are enormous and Britain is going to need plenty of courage, forward thinking and lots of hard work to make Brexit a success.

As I have said on numerous occasions in this space the whole thing would have been alot easier if it hadn´t taken place in the first place but it is done now and Britain has to move forward. The biggest challenges are the trade deals which need to be signed not only with the European Union but with the U.S., Canada and others. There is much work to do. But there are also challenges for the European Union. If the EU was a football team, then losing Britain is like losing one of its star players, Britain may have been a rather grumpy member of the EU but it still has the second biggest economy in Europe and relies heavily on imports.

For the European Union, also the uncertainty is finally over. It can start planning for the future without Britain and take a careful look at itself and decide whether the United Kingdom´s departure was a just a drop in the ocean or a tsunami that is around the next corner. Interesting times.