I was in a taxi this week caught in an enormous tailback next to the Son Espases hospital in Palma. I joked with the driver that it must be all the hired cars which were causing the problems. It was a rather droll joke because there are very few hired cars circulating around the city at the moment and the problem is “home grown vehicles.”

During the summer month it is always the rent-a-cars which get the blame for the traffic chaos but in the winter who is to blame? Well the simple answer is that there are just too many cars on the road and unless the local authorities take action soon then the problem is just going to get even more pronounced.

The Via Cintura ring road and the roads leading to the industrial estate are just packed with vehicles during the morning and the same can be said of the roads around some of the schools in Palma. The local authorities have encouraged more people to use public transport but they have failed miserably. Most families have at least two cars. There is no simple fix but soon the local authorities are going to come under pressure to start a road building programme something which environmentalists will bitterly object to.

A decade ago there was talk of a second ring road being built around Palma, perhaps this plan will have to be revived once again. As the taxi driver said if the roads are busy in winter, in summer it will be a nightmare. But at least in the summer there is someone to blame. Tourists are completely blameless, but they are a good scapegoat.


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Yogi / Hace about 1 year

Not one comment about increasing and improving public transport infrastructure and integrating it into a unified system that will reduce the need for hire cars. The train is the obvious "starter for ten". Get it extended to Pollenca and Alcudia and on to Can Pic. And get it to the airport! Many tourists hire at the airport because the buses are packed and not great and the taxis are expensive. Hiring a car is the best option. Give people a better option and they'll take it. But it'll take investment and will cost. Oh! Here's an idea. USE THE TOURIST TAX! Ho ho ho. Felix navidad!


Blameless / Hace about 1 year

Are tourists are completely blameless? No they are not. Take a good look at the highway and you will notice lots of rented cars, even in winter. Of course, it gets worse in summer. Tourists are part of the problem, you like it or not.


Richard / Hace about 1 year

Jason, you always seem to be either in a taxi or looking for one. You go on about bicycles and public transport, but do you ever use them. Don’t forget taxis also contribute to “traffic chaos”.


Ricky / Hace about 1 year

So Stan, I have, for certain reasons, to drive 80 minutes a day to see my beloved young daughter. The bus would take 3 hours each way. Does that make me a priority user according to your prescribed views? I am old and not sure I could do 6 hours on a bus each day, with 3 changes. Get real.


Steve Riches / Hace about 1 year

Many Mallorcan villages are equipped with electric charging points for cars BUT in overall terms the island (and most of Spain) is disgustingly tardy in producing electricity from solar panels despite plentiful sunshine. Individuals who have roof space or garden space for their own solar power get no Government assistance as far as I am aware. The island is madly burning fossil fuel. It could easily be remedied but it needs politicians with brains - and they seem in short supply.


STAN / Hace about 1 year

Introduce compulsory ELECTRIC CARS now !!!. Most of the cars are polluting diesel. They will all have to be scrapped sooner or later. Limit the number of EC's to those who are a priority user. Limit the number of EC Hire Cars. There are now not enough roads for the number of cars on This Island.