Government at any price. Acting Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has a nightmare task trying to form a coalition government in Spain because none of the principal parties on the right will give him the time of day. He is under pressure to form a government after winning yet another general election but not with the all important majority.

So Sanchez is busy trying to form a government with pretty radical bed mates. He has already formed a coalition with the far left Podemos, who are probably a step away from being communists. But, he still doesn’t have enough support so he has turned to the Catalan Republican Left Party (ERC).

Now this is a dangerous move because not only does the ERC support independence for Catalonia from Spain, some of its principal leaders are behind bars for their role in the illegal independence referendum. But Sanchez needs their support to break the political deadlock. The ERC are not exactly popular in the rest of Spain...their support for a breakaway has made them few friends outside Catalonia and now they will be propping up the Spanish government.

The parties on the right of Spanish politics are furious that the acting Spanish Prime Minister is even entertaining a pact with the ERC but to be fair to Sanchez they haven’t exactly come forward with ideas to break the political deadlock and resolve the government crisis. It is a dangerous move by Sanchez. Some would say bold others would say a recipe for disaster.


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