So for the first time in my lifetime from tomorrow night, Britain will no longer be a member of the Common Market, European Community or European Union. It sounds rather amazing but Britain is leaving. To be honest I am rather glad. After almost four years of uncertainty at least the country is now taking a bold step, I will not say forward because it is a step into the unknown, but it certainly marks an end and a beginning.

Britain has never sat comfortably within the European Union. I don´t know why but there has always been a loathing of the European Union from some in Britain and I doubt anyone was really surprised by the referendum result. I do think that the European Union could have done more to make Britain feel more at home but afterall I think even the most staunch Europeans would admit that the EU does have its faults and it can’t continue in its present form.

The European Union has to change and start listening to Europeans otherwise more countries will want to leave, especially if Britain makes a success of Brexit. For Britain Brexit will be a major test. Being a member of the European Union was always going to be a comfortable situation but now British companies have to troop the world looking for new trading partners and new opportunities.

It could be the dawn of a new era and it could spur the nation forward...but the most embarrasing thing, would be Britain asking to rejoin the European club.