There is a small element in Germany and Britain who believe that Majorca no longer wants tourists.

This is complete nonsense, of course, but sometimes it might be a good idea if the local authorities look at how news about the island, especially new laws, is perceived in the German and British media.

The local government and the Palma city council have introduced a number of new laws aimed at curbing bad behaviour by tourists, trying to limit the number of cruise ships and more recently the Palma city council’s ban on closed bar and restaurant terraces. And then there is the tourist tax.

Locally, we understand why the government is introducing these new laws, we might not agree with them but they do have their logic. But outside Majorca these stories, can sometimes give the wrong impression; moves to limit cruise ships because of overcrowding in Palma becomes Majorca bans cruise ships: the booze ban becomes Majorca wants to take the fun out of Magalluf. The list goes on.

The local authorities are finally taking action over numerous issues which have caused an outcry locally. The all inclusive booze quota in Magalluf and the Playa de Palma is not a bad idea, which has been welcomed by many including the British government. But perhaps the local authorities should remember that the British and German media are always interested in Majorca-related stories especially if they involve tourism. On much of the new legislation I will give the local authorities the benefit of the doubt. The only thing I don’t agree with, is the ban on closed terraces. This is just silly.