“ We are going out for a pub lunch and in the afternoon we will probably hot the shops,” said my sister on Sunday from England and I replied “the only thing I will be doing is going to the supermarket for emergency supplies.

My brother rang yesterday and I had to cut the call short because I was ordered off the streets by the local police. He was amazed.

It is quite amazing the difference between Britain and Spain and the moment and both countries are being affected by the same virus. Spain has taken the radical approach; the country is in lockdown.

Britain has not been so radical. I think the action taken by the Spanish government is correct and Spaniards have got the message.

The police were out in force yesterday calling on the public to stay at home. Under the lockdown measures you can go to the supermarket and go to work, but little else. The two week lockdown has already been extended and the Balearic government has told hoteliers not to take any more bookings. In otherwords the lockdown is probably going to last sometime.

What is great to see is people are following the guidelines from the government and for what I have seen, the general public is taking a respectful and mature attitude to the lockdown. What is nice though is that the community spirit is shining through in Spain at the moment. This is going to be a difficult time for all of us and it is nice to know that people are ready to help in this difficult time.