Since November, I have been able to observe redevelopment work at a hotel. It is major work to buildings and to grounds. There has been no stop to this work. Through the Christmas period there was no day off.

It's intensive work with the intention of all being ready for the season. From what one has been able to witness and is still able to witness, the conclusion of the work seems a long way off. The season, where this project is concerned, was probably already put back, with the aim having been to get all external work completed by the deadline of the end of April, which is when - for a tourist area - such noisy work is meant to stop.

The workers come and go, the vehicles come and go. From seven in the morning there is activity. There is even some work (internally) which goes on at night.

Given current circumstances, it all seems incongruous, but then economic life does have to continue in some ways. But what about the safe distancing and sanitary precautions?

The Balearic government wants to call a halt to construction work. The Spanish government has to agree this; it is not a decision that can be taken locally. Were there to be a halt, for this particular redevelopment, months of effort will be put into abeyance. Workers will be laid off. Return on investment will be delayed. Madrid seems loathe to call a halt. It's understandable, but does the government now have any other choice?