To be honest, I've never been one for social media, I guess I've held close company and used it more as a work tool than anything else.

However, since the pandemic was declared, social media has really come into its own. A few months back an old and very close school friend of mine contacted me on FB from Indonesia where he now works and lives. He and three others were due to compete in next year's Atlantic row for charity and their first training stage was to be here in Palma during the first week of May. That has sadly been postponed.

The last time we saw each other was some 20 years ago over a few pints of Guinness in a London pub before going to watch England play rugby. Now, we are in daily contact and we have set up a FB group of mates who were in our class or various sports teams and clubs when at school in Kent.

Apart from being extremely interesting, nearly all of us are dotted all around the world, what is most amusing is to see how we've all changed, all the guys who have lost their hair, piled on a few pounds, grown beards etc., - the ladies, I have to say, have all aged very well.

It's also provided a chance to catch up with extended family members, even ones you never really liked. Times are changing fast and in the long term, it will be for the better.