Careless talk costs lives. I have been getting the impression over the past few days, as the sun shines, the temperatures rise and the authorities start to talk about a gradual fall in the number of virus cases, the return to work for non-essential staff after Easter and an eventual easing of restrictions, some people may be letting their guard down.

Yesterday, for example, was the busiest I have seen Palma since lockdown began. There were many more private cars on the roads and more people moving on foot, bicycle or via electric scooter and not all were accompanied by a dog, an elderly person who needs assistance or armed with shopping bags - the ultimate excuse.

Here in Spain we’re looking at the end of April at the earliest before any social restrictions are lifted, taking the kids out or even exercising, but, as we saw yesterday, after a few days of a gradual fall in cases, the number spiked again.

This is an extremely fluid situation and at any minute, parents will find out when their children will be going back to school.

We live in an outdoor society in the Mediterranean and weather wise, the best is about to come. Yes, it is extremely tempting and frustration levels are going to rise as the sun comes out every day but if we really want to be able to make the most of Mediterranean life, stay strong and stay safe.