The Archbishop of Canterbury, the city in which I grew up, Justin Welby was constantly on news bulletins in the United Kingdom expressing his opinions about Brexit, so much he came under heavy fire for getting involved with matters which, to a certain extent, were not his remit. I know he started life in the private sector, making a very good living and reputation for himself in the oil industry, but he eventually decided on a career move and to develop and expand his position in the church - and he rose to dizzy heights, if not the highest in the Anglican Church.

Understandably, his professional businesses experience has crossed over into his role as a high priest, however, in this time of need, guidance and, for many, spiritual support, he has been lacking.

As the Queen pointed out, people have time to “slow down, pause and reflect”.

One might have expected the church to have piped up with a message of hope. But what exactly is it saying? Yes, there is plenty happening on digital platforms, but not all believers have access to these platforms or know how social media works. It may be hip and modern as the church tries to continue to engage with younger people and bolster its declining congregations and followers.

Print media and the radio still exist and millions of people could do with some compassionate guidance and reassurance right now.