It's a chicken and egg syndrome. Hotels will be allowed to open (with the necessary health and safety guidelines) in 10 days time but with the airport effectively closed some hoteliers are saying that there is little point and will stay closed.

The Balearic tourist industry is looking to mainland Spain to save the season this year because no-one is too sure when the Brits and Germans will start heading our way again. The Spanish government really needs to start planning with the tourist industry because they face a mammoth task. There is speculation that the airport could reopen next month but at the moment the major international airlines and tour firms are saying little. It is a question of wait and see and it could be a long wait.

The Balearic government has said that the season will start in August, but it will be a slow start. There is talk of the holiday season being lengthen up to November or even December but at the moment it is just wishful thinking. There are also important economic factors to take into account; some are suggesting that the holiday season is effectively cancelled this year but have local companies enough cash to weather the economic storm? A holiday season without millions of tourists would have been unthinkable a few years ago. What I do know is that all tourists who do come to these shores this summer must receive an especially warm welcome because there is going to be plenty of competition when and if the season gets underway.


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Dave / Hace about 1 year

As an ex-pat who lived here I have always hated July and August when all the great unwashed arrive on the Island. I usually load up on food and booze at the beginning of July and re-appear in early Sept, so lockdown is normal for me. We will lose a majority of restaurants and bars but I have to say I am looking forward to the peace and quiet and emoty beaches this summer. It will be bliss.


R murray / Hace about 1 year

For as much as i love Majorca and the people and been going there since 1977 there is something i have got to say about some of the people that stay in Palma. These are the ones that have been advocating over the past few years to get rid of the UK and German tourists they do not want them in their country and having rallies and so on to put their points over. Unfortunately this has come sooner than they thought through this terrible Covid 19 virus. So how do they feel now that no one let alone the UK or German tourists are no longer there. Where has their economy went, how are they making a living., what are they going to do now that they have had a taste of no tourism, go back to fishing, I don't think so. Think again Majorca needs tourism just the same as every country, it adds a great amount to the economy and keeping people employed. So think again about all of your demonstrations we are in this together.


graham foster / Hace about 1 year

we will not going back to Majorca if there is a tourist tax.