The Spanish government put us into lockdown in a matter of hours and despite the many hardships we have suffered over the last two months it proved to be the right decision.

The coronavirus was contained. But there is a danger now that we are coming out of lockdown too quickly and the government was right to reject calls from the Balearic government for the islands to enter Phase Three, thereby leapfrogging Phase Two which still contains stiff health and safety guidelines.

The rush is obviously led by economic necessity....the Balearic tourist industry has ground to a halt and the jobless rate has increased substantially. There is plenty of economic hardship across the islands but safety must remain key. Some health officials are concerned at the speed of business reopening. I am not sitting on the fence, I understand and support what both sides are saying but there does need to be an element of caution and it is better to wait and see than to rush into something we might later regret. It is now clear that the holiday season will not get into full swing until July.

The push for an earlier start has been curbed and the government must stand its ground whatever the opposition. Social distancing must be maintained; masks must be worn and common sense at all times. These have been awful months in Majorca but the local population has remained resolute. That same spirit which kept us in lockdown must remain as we start to move forward. Things are getting back to normal, but it is the new normal with a mask and social distancing and above all we must remain vigilant and careful.