Thousands of people are returning to work across the Balearics as the lockdown is eased. There is light at the end of the tunnel and the Spanish government is desperate to get the local economy back on track. But there is a problem...which the government doesn´t appear to have thought of.

This summer there is a distinct lack of summer camps or schooling for children for July and August. Schools and colleges which usually run their own camps have decided not to do so this year, meaning that there are only a handful of centres open and leaving parents with a big headache, especially as thousands of hotel employees will go back to work on July 1.

During lockdown childcare was not a problem but now it is has become a nightmare and could disrupt the government´s phased return to work. Those schools and colleges which are running camps are filling up fast. The government could be forced to take action opening schools during the summer months but so far little or nothing has been said.

What is clear, though, is that overall children will not return to school before the long summer break, meaning that in some cases pupils will not have sat at their desks for almost six months. Teachers and government are involved in talks at the moment to to decide what health and safety measures will be taken in the classroom. But that is September, and at the moment they have a much more pressing problem which needs attention.