If I walked up to the Plaza España in Palma and toppled the statue there I would be arrested; I suspect a similar state of affairs would occur if I attempted to bring down the highly controversial monument in the Plaza Sa Faxina in Palma.

So I am rather baffled that no-one was arrested after the statue of Edward Colston was torn down and thrown into Bristol harbour on Sunday by a group of demonstrators taking part in a worldwide wave of protests. Colston was a controversial figure and perhaps his statue should have been removed anyhow, but surely not like this?

Colston made a fortune in the 17th century from trading in West African slaves and to be honest he shouldn’t have had a statue in his home town in his honour, but that is my view and it was for the people of Bristol to decide not a group of demonstrators. It was an illegal act and those responsible should face prosecution.

The fact that a statue of Winston Churchill was defaced in London is sad because thanks to his courage Sunday’s demonstrations were able to take place. His determination and courage gave us our modern-day democracy. What Britain can’t allow is so-called thug law. The scenes over the weekend were disgraceful both in Bristol and in London but the worst scene, I will leave for last...police officers who appear to be running from protesters. I wonder what Winston Churchill would have thought of this spectacle.