The majority of Spain went into lockdown in a matter of hours and the Spanish government deserves praise with how they handled the whole situation. We were told not to go out and we didn’t or only if we had to. And it worked.

But now some people are starting to ask whether we came out of lockdown too soon... should the government have taken things slower? I have mixed views but it does seem amazing how Majorca has gone back to “normal” life in the space of just a couple of weeks.

Despite the best efforts of everyone, social distancing is not being observed in most instances and I would say that only two thirds of the population are wearing a mask despite government appeals. The Spanish government has gone from its “better to be safe than sorry” policy to “lets get moving.” The biggest question which is being asked at the moment is will there be a second wave? The government has said that if there is a big increase in cases they will have no option but to order the lockdown to return.

The tourist industry is desperately trying to get into full swing but the government is discovering that hotels will not re-open if they have no clients. The government has given them the green light but the majority are still closed. What is needed at the moment is caution and common sense. The government has announced a whole series of health and safety measures for a reason...they need to be respected by all.