Palma is getting ready for lift off and anyone planning on coming to Majorca should give the capital some serious consideration.

While the majority of coastal resorts are showing little, if any, signs of opening in the short term - if the hotels aren’t opening, the surrounding businesses will not - Palma is pretty much open for business. The shops have been open for weeks, yesterday they were bustling with summer sales bargain hunters, the bars and restaurants are open, the museums are open and we’ve even had a few live music concerts and now, many of the main hotels are getting ready to start welcoming visitors back. I passed four yesterday in and around the Paseo Mallorca and Jaime III and there were signs of serious movement and a sense of urgency. I know it’s a different kettle of fish in the resorts but with the latest market research in the UK showing that searches for Majorcan holidays have jumped by 96 percent over the past week with the country hoping that quarantine will be lifted and air bridges to - Spain opened next week, Palma could get off to a flying start - especially as it one of a few capital cities in the Mediterranean which has its own beach.

Plus, it’s just a few hours flight from home. Why the local authorities have been making such a massive push with the German market, I don’t know considering the Britons have always been the most loyal visitors to Majorca, so come on down - providing the price is right!