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The complicated truth about tipping

"I have to say that in Spain - and Mallorca in particular, tipping is quite a civilised procedure"

Frank Leavers25/08/2023 13:48


Soller: The New Year Statistics

Since the Soller Tunnel became free and the buses doubled their frequency many have moved here.

Shirley Roberts07/01/2023 19:33

From the steppes of eastern Europe to a Mallorcan Halloween


From the steppes of eastern Europe to a Mallorcan Halloween

The eve of Samhain is October 31, which is traditionally considered to be All Saints Eve, as tradition in Mallorca has attempted, with increasingly less and less success, to distance itself from a commercialised Anglo-Saxon Halloween.

Andrew Ede31/10/2022 11:10


A glorious week in Soller

The Soller Valley holds magic for many who emerge from the Soller Tunnel into the mountain light and discover our whole new world.

Shirley Roberts23/10/2022 13:09


One woman’s trash is another’s treasure

She is now working on stock for Christmas and you might see her at a market near you soon, or you can make an enquiry for a bag through her website.

Vicki McLeod17/10/2022 21:44



Paddle board Paradise

Paddle boarding is a growing sport which seems to attract the ladies, who incidentally excel at this aquatic activity.

Peter Clover17/10/2022 10:19

Close up of people using mobile smart phones - Detail of friends sharing photos on social media network with smartphone - Technology concept and cellphone culture with selective focus on right hand


The good old days

I lived during an era when none of us habitually used mobiles or computers and we didn’t have ‘trigger warnings’ on literature...

Anna Nicholas21/08/2022 23:03

The Balearics could have a say in how its ports and airports are run


An independent Balearics

“It is highly unlikely that it will ever happen, but I think it could work.”

Humphrey Carter08/07/2022 07:00

Son Llatzer


Medical madness in Soller

The hospital situation for the Soller Valley continues to be debated as the one our area is attached to is Son Llatzer.

Shirley Roberts04/07/2022 13:38

The pool in Soller is now open!


All things Soller: Summer is here

Soller’s outdoor pool has just opened and that is very important for local people and visitors who use it as their beach club.

Shirley Roberts24/06/2022 10:30


Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue vital in Countering Hate Speech

The problem of hate speech globally has been on a rise in recent years...

Revd. Ishanesu Gusha12/06/2022 11:30


Scrap the tax

“I think the local authorities should scrap the tourist tax for now...”

Jason Moore03/09/2020 15:24


Schools fears

“The big question is whether children should be able to go back to school...”

Jason Moore21/08/2020 01:16


Come to Palma: it’s open

There’s a rumble in the city centre and it’s coming from hotels getting ready to open.

Humphrey Carter26/06/2020 01:10


The Blog

Beyond the myth: Magalluf

"A case study in which sensationalist reporting and value judgements mould the reality into a mythicised vision."

Andrew Ede19/06/2020 13:56