It was with great sadness that I watched Real Mallorca go down to the Second Division over the weekend. To be honest my heart went out to the loyal fans (including our very own Monro Bryce) who have stood by Real Mallorca for many years and who had high hopes for this season.

In the end the dream became a nightmare. But I would also say that Mallorca's campaign never really got off the ground. Now, I know that money was short and the budget for the first division campaign was meagre compared to the rest of the teams in the first division. Was this money well spent? Well I will let you be the judge of that but if a team is relegated it is usually a mixture of bad luck and because the team is not good enough to play in the top flight. Was this the case with Real Mallorca?

Well, again I will let you be the judge of that but the honeymoon period is certainly over and what Mallorca should be doing now is trying to establish where it all went wrong. Apart from the fans I believe that everyone should share the blame. Was enough cash made available for new players? Obviously not.

Now, the club must start rebuilding again for the future. Hopefully Mallorca's presence in the second division will be a short lived and vital lessons will have been relearnt. Real Mallorca is a first division club. It wasn´t too long ago that they were playing Champions League football. I hope they return to La Liga shortly because the fans certainly deserve something for their loyalty.