I am constantly amazed to find as I go about my business on the island, how some people find it apparently impossible to comply with some pretty basic rules regarding the wearing of face-masks.

Come on, this is hardly nuclear science now is it?

Out and about on the street - or, particularly when you are in a closed environment - just put them on properly will you?

I know that some locals can be difficult about this sensible protocol, but many tourists of all nationalities, seem to believe that because they are on their holidays the rules don’t apply to them.

Nobody in authority has asked them to be worn on the beach or around a hotel pool, nor when eating or drinking - so what’s so difficult?

It also has to be said that some of us find it more than a little irritating that holidaymakers of all nationalities seem to like to patronise those of us that live here, rather forgetting that Majorca’s initial lockdown was very tough and the subsequent stage-by-stage lifting of certain measures well timed. Indeed, when you realise that in the United Kingdom the compulsory wearing of face masks in shops and inside spaces has only been introduced today - you might well take the view that we who live on this island are more likely to catch something nasty from these visitors rather than the other way around. Or put in another way - When in Rome…!