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Person of the week

... was the president of the United States of America, who regained the honour of person of the week as he seemed to have had an epiphany moment and had concluded that holding a pre-election Republican party convention in Florida might not be wise. "We have to be careful and we have to set an example," said a president who has managed to avoid setting much of an example, such as with the wearing of masks. He could perhaps learn a lesson from Boris Johnson, not that he appears to learn lessons from anyone, as the British leader engaged in some self-analysis of how coronavirus things could have been done differently.

santanyi playa es calo des moro cala s'almunia almonia

Three cheers ...

For all the municipalities in Majorca which are Covid-free, the great majority of them, with six not having registered any cases since the start of the health crisis. This was good news, with several of these municipalities being ones with tourist resorts, e.g. Alcudia, Muro, Pollensa and Santanyi. An odd aspect of this, however, that the Covid-free municipalities were expressed as a percentage - 71.69% of all municipalities. That, in more straightforward terms, is 38 out of 53. There was no surprise whatsoever that Palma should have the most active cases - 51, or 44.73% of the total, if one must.

Gathering to protest against domestic violence in Palma

A big boo ...

Well, boo isn't really appropriate. It is massive condemnation allied with the rejection of all society. A 52-year-old Swedish woman died eight days after having been violently punched and kicked by her husband. As too often in the past, there were the minute's silences. The politicians voiced their familiar words about this scourge, with the Balearics one of the worst regions of Spain for the murder of women by partners or ex-partners. One can hope and pray that there will be a stop to these murders, but one fears that the pattern of silences and words will be repeated.