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Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump.

EFE 18/01/2021

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US President Donald J. Trump

US President Donald J. Trump

US President Donald J. Trump.

EFE 11/01/2021

US President Trump

US President Trump

US President Trump.



US Election

“Will the aftermath of the U.S. election be more intriguing than the campaign?”

Jason Moore11/11/2020 10:43

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Who do you think will be the next U.S. president?

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Trump is not giving in.


Explainer: What might happen if U.S. election result is disputed?

Under the Presidential Succession Act, if Congress still has not declared a presidential or vice presidential winner by then, the Speaker of the House would serve as acting president. Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from California, is the current speaker.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporterReuters04/11/2020 17:30

U.S. President Trump


Person of the week, boos and cheers

Find out who the Bulletin's Person of the Week was, who was nominated for Three Cheers and who received a A Big Boo.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter26/07/2020 00:10


Home alone

The world is more divided than ever despite having a common enemy.

Jason Moore18/06/2020 18:16

U.S. President Donald Trump.

My Column

Why the British hate Trump

Americans around Trump, including his acolytes on Fox News, claim to be shocked and mystified that the British continue to attack their President as a dangerous idiot.

Donald Trelford25/05/2020 13:18

King Felipe of Spain

Royal Family

Trump to host Spain's King Felipe for state visit April 21

The visit will "reaffirm our commitments to stand together to address today’s global challenges."

Reuters12/02/2020 19:23

Anna Nicholas

My column

Reasons to be cheerful

Anna Nicholas’s first Majorca based crime novel, The Devil’s Horn, is out now. It’s available at all good bookshops & via amazon.

Anna Nicholas29/12/2019 16:25

James Costos, former US ambassador to Spain.

Politics / Majorca

"Trump is becoming an irrelevant president"

The former US ambassador to Spain: "Trump is not the right person to be running the United States." "There are so many reasons we came to Majorca. I am always doing my best to promote this paradise island."

Humphrey Carter21/08/2017 00:00